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wildchild innovations

here is a snapshot of what we do

the challenge

Dear wildchild, we live in complex, highly dynamic and challenging times. Frankly speaking: “It’s crazy out there!”

our purpose

wildchild innovations helps you take on the madness and start riding its waves like a pro! We unleash your creative power and enable you to find wild solutions for messy problems.
With us, you become a self-empowered, active shaper of the world!

our approach

Do work and play sound contradictory to you? Not to us! We give you the space, where you feel free to experiment.
Fail. Create. Destroy. Laugh.
And meet the challenges bugging you, your team and your organization.

creative labs

We design and facilitate the ‘creative labs’ – our programs, workshops, trainings and team building activities. There you learn to deal with the crazy world like an artist and a successful entrepreneur. You develop competences in action and learn how to apply them in your daily work.

who we are

wildchild innovations is an international boutique consultancy firm based in Germany. We have facilitated experiential programs with senior managers, future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovation teams from over 50 countries around the globe.
Fun fact: we are artists as well!